Welcome to Woodfloria our online shop and natural therapies centre. Woodfloria is a home for health, inspiration and well-being.

Woodfloria is located in the main street of Woodford, Queensland and offers a variety of products and services including massage therapy, aromatic kinesiology, chakra readings, vibrational skincare, physiotherapy, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, astrology readings and hypnotherapy. We also stock a wide range of aromatic products for the face, body, home and soul which are developed and made by hand in our clinic by our founder Michelle Coates.

Our beautiful aromatic products are heart crafted and energetically formulated to encourage healing, connecting the beauty of plants to the beauty of you. Woodfloria honours the energy of plants, providing products and education enabling you to nourish your spirit, and embrace living the way nature intended.

We are passionate about inspiring the people around us to be their best possible self. Our highly trained therapists specialise in a range of modalities, all of which encourage the body’s natural ability to heal.

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