Fragonia a symbol of Balance, Harmony and keeping germs at bay

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We’ve all had that moment, when you are in a theatre, a plane or any confined space when the doors close and you know you are committed for the duration – a moment of silence followed by symphony of coughs, sneezes and sniffles. Fragonia is helpful in a situation like this because of its anti-septic and anti-microbial effects. I like to place one or two drops on my scarf or a tissue – inhale and trust that you have done the best you can in the moment to help your immune system.

Woodfloria Fragonia Essential Oil.

Woodfloria Fragonia Essential Oil. $23.95 (Sourced from The Paperbark Company)

On an emotional level the scent of Fragonia takes you from feeling fragile to having dignity. It is wonderful for taking you beyond emotional hurts especially in relation to family issues. It is a clean, fresh scent extracted from  Agonis fragrans. Woodfloria Essential Oils are sourced from a variety of suppliers and always ensure we choose the most ethical of sources.

Our Fragonia Essential Oil is sourced from a wonderful Australian Company, The Paperbark Co. and the story of Fragonia (Agonis fragrans) is a true Australian success story.  It has its beginnings with a couple’s love of the Australian bush which, when combined with their love of essential oils, resulted in the establishment of The Paperbark Company and the production of a truly beautiful essential oil- Fragonia, one of Woodfloria’s favourites. (See below for an excerpt from their story).

Owners of The Paperbark Company

Peta & John Day Owners of The Paperbark Company

‘Our journey started 30 years ago when travelling around Australia on a working holiday. It was during this time that we discovered the benefits of Tea Tree Oil, it being the only bottle in our very small medicine cupboard.  With a lifelong love of the Australian bush and a desire to live and work in the country, in 1997 we purchased 64 hectares in Harvey, approximately 140km south of Perth, where we planted approximately 5 hectares of tea trees. In 1998 we produced our first harvest of Tea Tree Oil, which we continue to market under The Paperbark Co. label today.

Since our initial planting of tea trees we started to look at other oil producing Australian plants and trees.  We discovered a vast untapped biodiversity of plants in Western Australia. In 2001, The Paperbark Co. planted the first trial planting of 5,000 Agonis seedlings, and in response to market interest has since been able to make significant increases to its Agonis plantation.  In 2002, The Paperbark Co. gave Agonis fragrans its common name of Fragonia™ to reflect the fragrant nature of both the foliage and the extracted oil.  The name Fragonia has been trademarked by The Paperbark Co., to ensure that all oil sold under this name conforms with the exacting constituents specification for the particular chemotype of Agonis fragrans selected and grown by The Paperbark Co.

Although not claiming organic status, The Paperbark Co. adopts sustainable farming practices, with no pesticide spraying with the use of fertilizers which are mostly approved for organic certification.  Gentle, saturated steam distillation is used to produce 100% pure, premium grade essential oils.

In Woodfloria’s blend ‘Yoga Love’ we have used Fragonia to align with the higher consciousness of the 7th Chakra where you are connected to something far greater than yourself. It helps you become more resilient, and understand that even through difficult times we can still find joy in heartache. To find out more about any of Woodfloria’s essential oils please visit our clinic or online store.

For more information about the healing power of Fragonia please visit the Aromatic Kinesology website here. Lastly, to read a more detailed description about The Paperbark Co.’s Fragonia Oil please click here.