The Magic of Frankincense

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It always fascinates us here at Woodfloria, the stories of where our oils come from and how they are grown and harvested. Frankincense is one of the most fascinating oils in the Woodfloria range. It has been used for thousands of years in everything from religious ceremonies to perfumes and was once more highly prized than gold! It’s hard to imagine that the dry arid lands of Somalia, where very little survives, is the ideal environment for the growth and harvest of this, one of the world’s most distinctive aromatic oils.



woodfloria pure essential oil frankincense

Woodfloria Pure Frankincense Essential Oil

Woodfloria’s Frankincense is collected by a semi-nomadic tribe from Somalia, the Samburu. They are pastoralists whose entire society revolves around rearing livestock. They move between southern Somalia and northern Kenya and around 6-10 families share a village together. The village usually relocates every five to six weeks in search of more grassy land suitable for grazing.

The Samburu women add to the family income by harvesting precious frankincense resin. It is very thorny work and it takes a trained eye to spot the resin deposits in amongst the branches. The frankincense gum: is sorted and cleaned of any twigs and debris. Then it is graded by size and colour before it is distilled.

Woodfloria’s supplier, (Sydney Essential Oil Co.) has worked on a community project with the Samburu people to help them attain organic certification. The Samburu’s harvesting areas are Certified Organic and Woodfloria is proud to support them by distributing their excellent Frankincense oil.

Samburu people

The Samburu People

Once harvested and sorted, the essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the graded resin. Wonderfully fragrant, Frankincense oil has an exquisite scent with deep balsamic and woody notes that are profoundly evocative in perfumery and essential oil blends. It is particularly striking when partnered with bright citrus and rich woody tones in aromatic combination.

Frankincense oil can bring a beautiful feeling of peace and relaxation. Added to a bath or massage blend, the melodic and meditative aroma will help calm your mind and provide uplifting comfort during times of unease and worry. With impressive revitalising and anti-ageing properties, Frankincense oil imparts some of the best skin loving qualities you can find. It is renowned for its wrinkle softening effect, giving new life to tired and ageing skin. Superior for oily skin types, its astringent action can also help balance the complexion and is an energising.

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