Woodfloria welcomes beautiful new products just in time for Christmas!

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Here at Woodfloria we are so very excited to announce the arrival of seven beautiful new Woodfloria products, just in time for Christmas!

Our team has spent many fun months working on these beautiful new creations which are developed and made right here in Woodford! Joining the Woodfloria collection is a variety of new products including room sprays, skincare products and even two new oil blends! We are very happy with these delightful new additions and feel confident that you will enjoy them as we do.

The Enlighten Range

The ‘Enlighten’ Range includes a Body Lotion, Body Wash, Hand Cream and Aromatic Mist. Each of these products have been blended with the unique combination of essential oils which we have now come to know as ‘enlighten.’ The summery citrus fragrances of Grapefruit, Lemon and Bergamot help to keep you feeling up beat in the heat and are perfect during a long hot summer. The addition of Lavender and Mint  makes this blend a lovely gift as the fragrance is uplifting, pleasantly familiar and offers something for everyone. The Enlighten range offers a fresh and bright fragrance which creates feelings of happiness that simply cannot be suppressed as you enjoy the clean, fresh and sweetly calming scent.

The addition of Australian Wildflower Essences to the Enlighten blend supports the beautiful intention behind the creation of these products, aligning them with their intention. The Enlighten Range has been blended with essence for abun-dance which help to open your heart to gratitude and your mind to the limitless abundance that always surrounds us. Enlighten is designed to help you to recognize joy in receiving and encourage you to walk confidently and happily in your every day life. Introduce beautiful new daily rituals to your life with the Enlighten range.


Summertime Room Spray

In keeping with the new Summer season we have introduced an aromatic mist ‘Summertime Room Spray’ which embodies the fragrance of the Australian summer. This mist has been created to represent that wonderful summer feeling that is unique to our Australian bush.  A feeling of success as we appreciate all we have accomplished throughout the year. With the essential oils May Chang, Honey Myrtle, Bergamot, Citronella, Kunzea and Lemon Myrtle (from our friends at the Paperbark Co who also supply our Fragonia Oil) this is a truly distinct fragrance and anyone with a heart connection to Australia will immediately know. With the addition of Bush Flower Essences this blend supports the intention to help recognises the value of yourself and others to encourage you to feel calm, confident, assured and safe in your own skin.

Summertime Spray uplifts your senses and creates a positive feeling for summertime celebrations. We work hard all year and it is now time to enjoy the successes with those we love. This aromatic spray will help you to set and hold personal boundaries, while recognising that we are all connected in a positive way. Summertime is when we all come together to celebrate our connection and Summertime Room Spray allows this process to become easy and enjoyable.Create beauty around you and illuminate your heart this summer with Woodfloria’s Summertime Room Spray. Enjoy the magic in the Australian Summertime…


Calm & Kind Essential Oil Blend

The next addition is a new oil blend which you may have noticed on social media as we are actually giving away a FREE bottle with every purchase over $75 for the month of December! Find out more about this offer here.

Calm & Kind Essential Oil Blend is a beautiful blend for the Christmas season with Citrus, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense perfect  for the seasonal of good will. Calm & Kind helps us to remain appreciative of each other  in this sometimes hectic season. Be supported by the deep resonance of Cedarwood, said to be the spirit of the Ancients and reconnect to your compassionate nature. The magic of Frankincense helps us to see our relationships in a new light, by encouraging a slower, deeper breath we tune into our own needs and needs of others – remaining calm mind, remaining kind.


The final new release for the 2017/2018 Summer is our Peace & Clarity Essential Oil Blend. This is a truly unique oil blend which demonstrates the beautiful intentions and level of skill from our founder and gifted aromatherapist Michelle Coates.

Blue Cypress in the Peace & Clarity Blend before it is blended

Michelle began the process of developing Peace & Clarity with the intention to cultivate a feeling of  peace and clarity in our hearts. This blend includes Blue Cypress which is a unique oil due to its rare natural blue colour (pictured). Blue Cypress is helpful for any times of  transition and assists when you are away from people you love and helps you to hold those your love in your heart space.

Peace & Clarity helps you to feel calm, like coming home… cypress is said  to connect us to the wisdom of the universe and to enable us to feel its power and strength. Peace & Calm helps us to empathise with others when they are suffering while allowing us to stay strong.  It includes Mandarin which helps us feel calm with our words, Patchouli to help us feel peaceful and Ylang Ylang to bring mindfulness. This blend truly lives up to its name.


Peace & Clarity Oil Blend once the oils have been blended together

As you can see from the pictures shown, the process of developing Calm & Kind is very delicate and specific. The Blue colour of the Cypress oil is the perfect representation of the Throat Chakra, while the Yellow represents the Self. Once blended together it becomes Green which is the colour of the Heart Chakra (which couldn’t be more perfect for this blend.) Peace & Calm Oil is in itself a beautiful symbol of Peace and Clarity in the world. It is very rare that an oil has such unique traits, which perhaps represents how truly rare peace is…


We hope you enjoy these beautiful new products over the 2017/2018 Summer and encourage you to come in-store to try them anytime. If you have any questions about the blends Michelle & Team are always delighted to assist and can  help guide you to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones.

These exciting new products are also available online. We offer delivery Australia-wide by Australia Post with FREE Shipping for orders over $100, so get in quick to receive your goodies before Christmas!